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Community Literacy Engagement

As a writing studies researcher, I am particularly attentive to issues of marginalization and access in literacy education. To that end, over the past six years I have taught English language learners through five community literacy organizations across Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas. In teaching students ranging from new refugees working towards basic English literacy to international scholars seeking to polish their academic writing in English, I tailor my writing courses to help each learner meet their individual professional and academic goals.


To further support my community literacy work, I am an active participant in the Migration Studies Project, an interdisciplinary research group led by Suresh Canagarajah on issues pertaining to translingualism and multilingualism.

Our Intermediate English class at Mid State Literacy Council

Departmental and University Service

I have had many opportunities to participate in departmental and university service while at PSU, FSU, and TCU. I currently serve as the chair of the Education and Training committee for the College of Liberal Arts Graduate Alliance on Diversity and Inclusion (GADI). In this role, I collaborate with GADI members to create programming on diversity and equity in higher education. We are currently creating a speaker series on antiracist scholarship and pedagogy and a centralized database of funding opportunities for graduate students with marginalized identities. 

On the departmental level, I have served in numerous service capacities, from facilitating mentoring for new teachers and graduate students to supporting departmental technology programs. For example, I have served as the webmaster for the Arnold Ebbitt Interdisciplinary Rhetoricians (a community for rhetoricians in English and Communication) as well as for the English Graduate Organization.

While at Florida State, I served on the College Composition committee and the Reading-Writing Center and Digital Studio committee. During my time on the composition committee, I helped revitalize the Inkwell, a teaching resource for graduate students, and chose a new textbook for ENC 2135: Research, Genre, and Context. Similarly, while on the Reading-Writing Center and Digital Studio Committee, I planned activities for the "National Day on Writing" to engage students with writing and the resources available on campus to support their writing and composing. Additionally, I worked to establish a mission statement for the Digital Studio, and gained insight into program assessment.   

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