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Student Evaluations of Teaching

To download my compiled student perceptions of teaching from Penn State and Florida State, use the following links. Selected written feedback from students can also be found below.

Rhetoric and 


Professor Rea's availability and openness in providing feedback was a vital part of my success in this class. The feedback was always critical, appropriate and delivered with kindness. 

—Summer 2019 Student

Easy to talk to and always prepared to help students succeed. WANTS students to succeed. Always able to answer questions and provide help. Was available during office hours, or even by appointment outside of office hours. Great teacher. Relatable.

—Spring 2019 Student

Professor Rea creates an inviting and enriching experience. Student discussion is a key aspect of the class. This means people actively want to participate instead of sitting and saying nothing as I've experienced in other required courses.

—Fall 2018 Student

Research, Genre, and Context

This course pushed me beyond a general understanding of writing, meaning instead of following a set of rules I could be more creative. Instructor was very kind and informative.

—Spring 2016 Student

Instructor made the course simple and easy to understand all the while challenging us to write better.

—Spring 2016 Student

I like that you want student input and participation. All the readings and work were very helpful and you have excellent feedback. I have learned a lot in your class.

—Summer 2016 Student

The instructor was very relatable and showed mastery of the subject! She was so sweet and one of the best teachers I have had at FSU.

—Summer 2016 Student

technical writing

Prof. Rea, she was absolutely the most helpful. One of the best instructors I've had. She made the course very engaging and interesting and always had a wonderful attitude.

—Spring 2020 Student

Everything learned is taken into consideration for other papers, projects, or lab reports.

—Spring 2020 Student

[Technical writing] helped me write my senior thesis.

—Spring 2020 Student

Good quality, teacher was really active and had the student's best interests at heart.

—Spring 2020 Student

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