Research Agenda

My research is situated at the intersection of feminist rhetorics and technology. This area of study has yielded a variety of research projects relevant to feminist rhetorical histories, rhetorical analysis of economic discourse, and digital contemplative writing pedagogy. [Add further information about overarching research agenda and upcoming projects.]

Selected Conference Presentations

Programming Women: Platform Labor and Rhetorical Education

Algorithms for Her? Conference, London, England (2020)


“Transnational Feminism and the Rhetoric of Women’s Coding Literacy Movements”

Feminisms and Rhetorics, Harrisonburg, Virginia (2019)


“What It Means to Compose for the Web: The Lessons of Curating Three Exhibits for the Museum of Everyday Writing”

Computers and Writing Conference (2016)


“Digital Contemplative Composition: A Feminist Approach to Inquiry”

Conference on College Composition and Communication (2016)


Research in Progress

[List projects under review and in preparation here.

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Computers and Writing 2016