Presenting on "Composing for the Web: Three Lessons from the

Museum of Everyday Writing" at Computers & Writing 2016

Research Interests
  • Technology

  • Literacy Studies

  • Feminist Rhetorics

  • Contemplative Writing Pedagogy

Research Agenda

My research is situated at the intersection of feminist rhetorics and technology. This area of study has yielded a variety of research projects relevant to feminist rhetorical histories, rhetorical analysis of economic discourse, and digital contemplative writing pedagogy. I'm currently working towards developing a more refined dissertation research question, but hope to situate my work within studies of coding literacy, like those of Annette Vee. To that end, I'm in the process of conducting an ethnographic pilot study of the ways in which graduate students in STEM fields are socialized into programming literacy and a rhetorical analysis of popular coding educational platform Codecademy. Additionally, I'm revising an article-length archival work on sonic feminist rhetorics and another on platform rhetorics in digitally networked sharing economies for future submission.

Selected Conference Presentations

"Invoking the Body: Touch and Making Meaning"

Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference, October 2017


“Cultivating an Ear for Difference: Listening as Sonic Archival Practice”

Conference on College Composition and Communication, March 2017


“What It Means to Compose for the Web: The Lessons of Curating Three Exhibits for the Museum of Everyday Writing”

Computers and Writing Conference, May 2016


“Digital Contemplative Composition: A Feminist Approach to Inquiry,”

Conference on College Composition and Communication, April 2016


Presenting on  "Digital Contemplative Composition" at Conference of College Composition and Communication 2016

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