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Research Agenda

My research is situated at the intersection of feminist rhetorics, literacy, and technology. A SENTENCE OR TWO ABOUT OVERARCHING THEMES + INTRO TO THREE CURRENT PROJECTS.


In particular, I consider computer programming as a literacy and examine how computer programming literacy is theorized, taught, and practiced in sites of coding education specifically designed to increase access, representation, and agency. Drawing on data from this project, I have two articles published in IEEE Transactions in Professional Communication and Technical Communication.


Building on insights from my research on sites of coding literacy education, I am currently collaborating with ...

Technical communication in engineering education is fraught with equity issues, especially when women students in introductory courses are concerned. More specifically, the classroom’s social and material infrastructures may not be supportive for effective communication. Scholarship in technical communication and engineering education suggests that women students experience marginalization that works against these students in their efforts for accomplishing essential learning outcomes with technical communication. This proposal examines issues of gender equity and marginalization within the programmatic context of technical communication in introductory engineering classes. We propose an interdisciplinary study of the infrastructural and social factors that affect women’s participation in technical communication in engineering. Ultimately, this research seeks to identify key challenges facing women students and offer insights for technical communication and engineering faculty seeking to create more inclusive classrooms.



 Ultimately, my research is invested in making visible technology’s role in mediating structural oppression and providing avenues to pursue more equitable futures.

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